computer retailers on a global crisis

computer trade currently facing a global crisis, where the currency exchange rate changes very fast and the global financial crisis disturbing computer companies and distributors. the most weight, especially transportation costs and ease to take the goods to distributors or vendors who can no longer owe it, but the purchase of goods or even cash to be paid in advance.where sales crashdown in mid-2008 until now , both new and used computers. Now, people prefer to fix the computers, printers, laptop, etc. rather than buy a new ones. As a price comparison laptpop in this month alone to increase almost 30% from the previous price. When the global financial crisis will this stop?. To revert to the state's most rapidly is 1 year, while we still have to live and survive. Hopefully there is a way out from all matters. Some of the causes of the declining computer retail sector, among others:
1. dollar exchange rate against other currencies that are not stabilized
2. import of computer peripherals that the more difficult requirements
3. transportation costs more expensive
4. quality peripherals and accepted that I think is decreasing and easily damaged, because producers are required to sell cheap goods, which of course must also take quality downgraded
5. business conditions and the main distributor of dealers disturb by global crisis
6. the declining trend of consumers, not to buy a brand new computers and accesories.

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