easy way to clean your computer hardware

many people forget about cleaning, maintenance and placement of CPU. If you spill something on your computer, or notice that it's not running as smoothly as it used to, it may be dusty and in need of a good cleaning. Cleaning a computer hardware and peripherals should only be done by someone who knows how to take a computer apart. It takes precision and time to ensure that it's cleaned properly without damaging any other components.here is some simple tips that your computer hardware and peripherals have a long age :

  1. Remove carefully the motherboard, fan, harddisk, optic drive, video cards, etc from the computer case. (remember the placement)
  2. prepare a small or midlle size brush (for painting )
  3. spray the motherboard with a can of compressed air. This can be bought in office supply stores and are also called air duster. Spray this over the motherboard to remove any loose dust or debris that's caught in the motherboard.
  4. Brush any areas that the air compressor didn't clean very lightly, including fan, video card, memory, hard disk, etc
  5. Take a cleaning spray or alcohol can be bought in electonic supply stores. cleaning spray or rubbing alcohol will remove any leftover debris or dust particles and because it's more pure than even distilled water, it will clean up any residue left behind.
  6. Set your hardware and peripherals out to dry. You can blow dry it on a light heat setting for a few minutes to dry all the alcohol and cleaning spray but it's still best to let it sit out at least overnight to ensure it's completely dry.
  7. Re-install the all the components you originally removed and then put it back into the computer case.


  1. bunda Says:

    i'm sorry i don't get it

  2. Frank Says:

    I find it useful to take a picture of the insides when I'm taking out cards and unplugging stuff. I can use the picture to make sure I get stuff back in the right place.

  3. IT Training Says:

    Oh! really great tip it is. I'm going to use it right now. And by the way, Thanks for it.

  4. UPS Power Solutions Says:

    Its a nice informative read and definitely helpful. By following these guidelines you can assure a good cleaning of your computer hardware and peripherals.

  5. sangeeta Says:

    Really helpful post.But always make sure that you shut down the computer and switch off the power before starting any kind of cleaning

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