internet surfing guard by AVG 7 .5 free edition

i use avg 7.5 antivirus free edition both on my notebook and PC and i also install avg antispyware too. So far so good, i update virus deffinition twice a week. i really satisfied to avg 7.5 free edition also windows defender and firewall, that i always update once in a week. problem shown if i restore my system to earlier time, than if u do that, you must uninstall avg 7.5., install new one, and immediate update it, dont forget. so u can surf and browse safely. my computer still running well until now. i try to install avg 8.0 free edition, but i think avg 7,5 fit on my computers. cause avg 8.0 make my notebook and my PC running slow.

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    I'm also using this AVG antivirus for my home office and also at the office. I actually dreamed that all antivirus software became freeware! When I woke up, I checked to see if it was really true!

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