Online Computer Training Vs. Onsite Computer Training

You can get computer training in many different places at many different times to learn a wide variety of different things. Computers have become indispensible in our society and the result is that we often have to learn to do things that don’t come naturally or we just have not been exposed to. If you don’t want to simply fake your way through another interview when you are asked if you know how to use a specific program, why not just learn how? You can choose to either learn the program online or you can do it onsite in a class room setting.

There are benefits and drawbacks to both online and onsite computer training. You really need to choose the type of training that will fit your needs, your learning style, your budget, and your schedule the very best. Some people do better with an online type of training while others do better with an onsite. Choosing the right type of computer training for you is important.
With online trainings you have the benefit of being able to do the training when it suits you. Instead of having to sit in a classroom and listen to someone talk, you can do the training when it is right for you, whether that is early in the morning or late at night. Another great part of online computer training is that you can repeat a lesson until you have mastered a new skill. Instead of trying to learn at the pace as everyone else in the classroom you can learn at your pace, soaking things up.

Of course, there are some drawbacks to online training. You need to consider the fact that you may have questions and if you are online you won’t have anyone to ask. You may not hold yourself accountable, so you may not pick up on things as fast as you could if you took an onsite course.

An onsite course is also very beneficial because you are with an instructor who understands the program in and out. If you have any questions you can ask and have them answered. You will become proficient in very little time and you’ll be ready to start using the program on your own. You’ll have the benefit of interacting with your peers and picking up on their tips.

The drawbacks of an onsite course are that you have to be there at a certain time at a certain place. You may not learn the same way as everyone else in the classroom, and you may find that this is a type of training that you just cannot afford as it tends to be more expensive. Onsite training works well, but it is not for everyone.

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