DDR2 memory is a solution to increase your PC speed

Are you a job just because it hampered because of the PC you feel slow? Or when your children play games but the speed of your computer does not support because of lack of speed is recommended? Maybe you should remove the funds to add more hard drive space, but it also will not take long, when the more data you accumulate and it will recur again. The solution is to increase the speed with additional memory card either DDR or DDR2. While not every computer has a memory card slot the same, it depends on the mother board that supports it. For DDR2 memory for a computer mother board is supported by high-end. Many of the benefits when we use the DDR2 memory when compared with the previous version of DDR.

DDR2 memory is found in version 400 MHZ, 533 MHZ, 667 MHZ and 800 MHZ with a little insight about the working principle is to move data cycles per hour. Therefore, the listed are nominal clock is not a real number. To get the number of real clock itself divide the nominal clock with the number 2, for example DDR2-667 memory means that the actual work on 333 MHZ. so that the clock is higher that the memory has a longer time to read and segment data.

But this memory has advantages compared with previous versions, in addition to the required power supply is lower when the 18 V compared to DDR memory requires a 25 V supply for its power, this is certainly a saving in electricity usage. In addition, the barrier for the work focuses on the memory chip with technical ODT (On-Die Termination). With 240 contacts DDR2 so why cannot be paired on the socket so DDR is vice versa.

The advantages of this memory are in the speed of sending a data request (CAS latency (CL)) when compared with DDR, DDR2 CL is 3.4 and 5 hours and the cycle depends on the chip. There is one additional latency (AL) of 0, 1,2,3,4, or 5 day cycle. So in the DDR2 memory with AL1 and CL4 latency is 5.

The main difference is in the internal system controller, which works by loading four bits at the beginning of the storage area (a task known as prefect) while working on their own DDR 2 bits at the beginning of the storage area.

In any installation are easy, stay and enter into the slot to lock it says "click" as a sign that the memory card that you install has been installed correctly. Memoryupgrade.pro.com provide and upgrade the memory to your PC and your notebook, with 2GB DDR2 memory tasks are not obstacles, and of course your time will be more effective and efficient.

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