Providers complete encapsulated coil

In the era of globalization and today's technology, equipment and equipment support for all activities of our facilities are needed. Like the security system, air conditioner, water heater, etc.. Not only the work environment, but must have entered into the neighborhood along with our home course. In choosing the products must be clever and observant, because one vote can be fatal. So it is important to know the product further, just as latching solenoid are the product of deltrol-controls that are expert in producing encapsulated coil which applied to many common products you use as security systems, vending equipment, etc..

Not only that, for continuous use and insulation systems, they also provide special products such as solenoid model of c-4. Where these products more cost-effective electricity, by using voltage (voltage) 6 v DC and low power of 8 watts is only a smaller dimension than the model latching solenoids. Of different usage and needs.

In a more specific use for a particular institution, also provide distinctive products relay latches. This is normal in the allocation of train paths for equipment, public transit or pressure controller. For other uses, namely in the textile industry equipment or laundry, a model that fits like 166ML. even simpler model with a smaller size than for the purposes of the railway industry.

Items above are some quality products are very important that industry-industry support. Thus for progress and security course for users of the product application, i.e. we should choose and determine the appropriate constituent products, the product of deltrol control. Because in addition to secure quality products, also controls deltrol company has considerable experience in handling industrial design and in particular to a solenoid, relays, valves and custom assemblies for many applications, so no doubt his credibility.


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