Is Your Wi-fi Secure?

Wireless access on one side is a boon and on the other side it is really taking the calm away. It has emerged as the needed yet troublesome option for the users.

With ongoing problems like hacking of Wi-Fi by terrorists as depicted in recent blats, securing Wi-Fi is much needed. We should take certain efforts to make our Wi-Fi network secure. Connecting systems to web through Wi-Fi network is an open invitation to hackers and other malicious users.
The feature will detail some simple tips to secure your Wi-Fi and reduce the chances of vulnerabilities:

1. Password-Protect your router: To secure anything, the first basic step is to make it password protected. So you should do same with your router. Routers always come with pre set passwords which hackers are aware of and hence no use. Make sure to change them and use a strong password. To ensure password protection of your network, you should feed password at the time of configuration and connecting it with DSL. After this every time you want to connect to your Internet, you will be asked to feed the required password. You must password protect your router to safeguard yourself from the inconvenience at later stage. Also, always keep in mind that you change your password at regular intervals. To know the process you can check Net or can call ISP to understand the process.

2. Change your Network SSID: SSID is the name given to your Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN). Router transmits SSID out and if someone somehow gets it then he can easily hack your router and can use it for his malicious job. You can get rid of this tension by turning off SSID broadcasting but still it is not a full proof measure. The best part is to change the SSID frequently as like password.

3. Use Encryption: Encryption is the best way to protect your network from any kind of intrusion. Encryption can be implemented primarily by two encryption WiFi standards: Wireless Equivalent Protocol (WEP) and WiFi Protected Access (WPA).WEP is not a subtle method refraining intruders from attacking and to crack 128-bit WEP is an easy job to accomplish. WPA can also be implemented in two editions- Personal and Enterprise. WPA-Personal is newer so least supported and recommended. WPA-Enterprise is a strong security method. This method is used for network encryption and is designed for business use. WPA2, the newest version of encryption provides the highest encryption.

4. Put Off Network: The best way to secure your network is to switch off the network when not using it.

Above all the best way is to keep an eye on the intruders by monitoring the wireless connections.

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