Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is basically a way to transmit voice over existing computer networks. Most of the time, VoIP works with existing Internet connection to provide a transparent experience for the user. That is, you simply install software (or sometimes a physical device on your home or office network) and you're good to go. You don't have to be a geek anymore to reap the benefits of VoIP.If you've ever thought about switching from your old phone service to VoIP (internet phone), now is the time. In the past when wanting to get traditional phone service, you didn't have a lot of different options. With more and more people moving to VoIP phone service, though, there are a lot of options available.

In this era of the Internet all of us are connected to each other through the www. Internet is the biggest achievement of this millennium. All of us requires to communicates with others. There are many ways we can communicate. In starting of the human evolution we used to talk by the sign and emotions. After some time we enhanced ourselfs and started talking to each other. And that enhancement is still ongoing. Grahm Bell discovered the telephone in 1862, and it was the biggest step towards the enhancement of the communication services. In mid 1970’s mobile phone was started as and experiment in Motorola corporation. And the current scenario is that we can not imagine the life without mobile phone. And the latest step toward the communication enhancement is VoIP. In 1970 the VoIP was discovered, in 1996 it was used for the first time. The full form of VoIP is Voice Over Internet Protocol. VoIP facilitates the users to make their phone calls any where through the Internet service provider. It is a cheap and best way of communication. In VoIP the Internet carries the voice signals as the digital voice packets which are compressed to small packets of data using techniques for data compression. In the normal system of mobile phone communication when we make a telephone call the call is routed to the Base Station Controler (BSC) and then it is routed to the Main Station controler (MSC) and then the MSC sends a broadcast to the network to find the location of the dialed no. Once it finds the location area of the dialed no then it routes the call to that areas BSC. In case of VoIP the user calls through a IP based device or a VoIP service provider and then user is connected to the dialed no through two techniques PSTN to VoIP and other is Direct Inward Dialing (DID). The most common is DID as it connects directly to the requested user.The VoIP is totally dependent on the IT Infrastructure i.e servers, routers, IP Phones. Now a days many VoIP service provider sites are also avialable, One of them are Skype. Today we can make the voice calls through the massengers using the VoIP service for free.Voice travels over the internet using the Internet Protocol in almost the same manner as data does in packets. So when we talk over an IP network the conversation is broken up into small packets.
The Voice travels over the internet in almost the same manner as data does in packets. So when you talk over an IP network your conversation is broken up into small packets. The VoIP had made a huge change the Communication facilities. It had reduces the call rates and it had helped the Organizations to cut down their Phone bills and the best part of the story is that it had enhanced the quality of service.

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