Hard Disk 500 GB Hitachi, the energy safer

The Capacity of harddisk for the PC desktop and notebook increasingly. However, the hard disk for notebook until now can not overlap the existing capacity in the desktop PC. This chasm of difference when Hitachi released notebook HDD capacity and low standard of electricity.

Hard disk drives are named Travelstar 5K500.B has a capacity of 500GB with a power consumption of electricity is only 1.4 Watt during the read / write data. Hitachi claims the product is as green as the drive has been free from the halogen raw materials.

In the drive are also included features Bulk Data Encryption, encryption to protect data that is written into the drive. This feature will display the data back or Decrypt the show to the screen. The drive has a 5,400 RPM this round will be marketed starting in December and the future may be in store computer triulan first start 2009.

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  1. abahrafi Says:

    waw.....hardisknya gede buanget tuh yang 120 aja bisa 5 taon lebih, kalo yang ini pasti garaansi seumur hidup yah kang