Make Laptop/notebook Batteries more Durable

One Laptop superiority compared with the computer is a the convenience to brought anywhere. But the benefits will be useless if the laptop battery often 'drop'. Not many laptop users rarely complain because of weak batteries, and forced to carry a spare battery to bolster the notebook performance .

Indeed, ideally the laptop battery can be used for at least two hours, but there are some tips that can help you to increase the performance of the battery, so the laptop battery to be more durable. The first step should note the display monitor in your laptop, more bright display, the energy required will increase. To reduce the consumption of batteries should reduce the level of brightness on the display.

Other steps that can be done is to stop or Bluetooth wireless signal when not in use. Connection Wi-Fi network that can continue to deplete the battery energy.

In addition, other ways to save laptop batteries, among others, by setting up power management on your laptop. If you use the Windows XP operating system, you can lead-atik to be able to produce? Low power mode? on? Power option? in the control panel. Select the control panel and select the option in the category of power and performance maintanenance.

Another thing that must be considered is how to fill your laptop battery. Try the laptop in the dead when you fill baterei. And if the battery is fully charged, then you are obliged to immediately remove the battery adapter so that batteries do not have excess burden.

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