Twitter is more or less like ``micro blogging".
There are people you follow, and those thast follow you. You want to follow people with like interest, and the people that follow you will do the same. In this way, when you "Twitter" (send a micro message- up to 140 characters long) those following you will see it.
First things first, sign up at http://www.twitter.com, then go to http://twitter.com/tridakusuma
and click the button under my picture that says "Follow".
This will me ad to the people you are following. Now click on the list to the right of my pictures that says "Following". I am following about 1800 people. Many of them follow me in return, get it? Those that follow me will now see all my messages as I post them in real time on what is called the "Time line". You can only follow 2,000 people until you have 2,000 following you. So, add about 500 each night for 4 nights. It is VERY fast. Just follow those that I follow, as we all have similar interest.
Another way to to follow people like http://twitter.com/RonDavies , and all those that follow him, as they are also into Internet marketing. Alternatively, you can search for a keyword in the search box...keywords like "affiliate marketing" or "work from home" to find others that might be interested in what you are doing.
OK. Now, you have set up a Twitter.com account, and now you need to be able to reply to every new follower that follows you on Twitter, but you DONT want to manually send them a message.
So... use TweetLater.com`s free service, which provides Auto Welcome for new followers, plus scheduled tweets to keep you in view on the time line at Twitter. Register at http://www.tweetlater.com/ Use the Direct Message option for sending welcomes. The rest is explained in the simple steps on the site to set up the message the new followers get. The message should be sopmething like: Thanks for following me! Please accept my invite to http://mykawali.blogspot.com Now, keep going back to Twitter every night until you are following 2000 others in the manner I explained in the first post to this series.
The new followers will get your message from TweetLater as they join. Getting viral already, huh.

If you have been following the steps here, you have:
1. joined twitter,, set up your profile and website url etc.
2. started adding 250 to 500 new `follows` each night. You want to get to 2000, again it`s the limit at Twitter until you have 2000 followers.
3. set up your automatic message to your new followers using your free account at TweetLater.com
Now, once we have about 2000 people that we are following, many of them will also choose to follow us as well.
For example, after I followed 2000 people (did them all in one night Smiley it has now been almost 24 hours, and 570 are now also following me.
I will wait about a week to ten days, and then I will assume that the ones that have not elected to follow me probably are not going to even if I wait longer. Now I need to know who to unfollow and replace with new ones. The easy way to do this is with Karma, which is at
Click on the button, and it will ask you for a login. Just use your Twitter login.
Wait about a minute, and it will display a picture of who is following you, and who you are following.
Just check off the ones that are not following you, and scroll to the bottom and click the Bulk Unfollow button. Now, go back to Twitter, do another search for a leader with similar interests, and click on his or her Followers, and again begin to add them, and wait to see which ones follow you to build your list. It is simple, but it will take a couple of nights. Well worth the effort. finally please watch video about how to use "Karma" to shotgun your Twitter followers. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FTjeFh7KtyU

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    kade we teu kenging hilap ngantor... hehe, nice blog...

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    Wuakakakakak smile dh aku ada yg bru tuh. Mau award gag

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    he...he...., makasih commentnya membangun

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    let me thinking about this...

  5. eMz Says:

    i've never thought of tweeting as 'micro-blogging,' but it makes a lot of sense, that.

    i've tried using plurk before, but it didn't work out between us.hehe

  6. enhal Says:

    hayyah ga bisa bahas ainggris saya neh